Domestic Overview

It is common knowledge a home should be fully rewired every 25 years if the current wiring is installed to present-day standards. However, this may prove not to be the case for houses wired by old standards. Old wiring is the cause of many fires and is best inspected regularly for safety reasons. SKCG undertake pre-inspection service work as well as providing new installs and fuse boards for housing estates, and top end domestic installations for home cinemas, smart systems, underfloor heating and many other services for individual luxury designed homes, as well as new build housing estates fitting kitchen electrics, including ovens, arranging room lighting and every aspect of smart technology.

Domestic Electrical Installation Services

With years of experience, we carry out all works from light fitting changes, fuse board replacements to full home rewiring projects.

We Provide Electrical Services for Home Owners across Essex, London and the South East

SKCG Electrical are highly qualified and certified electricians in all domestic electrical jobs across London and surrounding areas. Our friendly and experienced electricians carry out everything from a full re-wiring to a simple light fitting change.

Smart Technology in the home

When it comes to Home System Solutions; Sonos Audio, Logitech Control, Wyrestorm HD Distribution, Origin Acoustic Speakers, Lutron Lighting, CISCO Wifi, are all at the cutting edge of technology comfortably integrating their systems with Sony, Samsung, Apple iPad and iPhones, plus many other top brands to provide a seamless secure service via wifi for mobile and laptop.
Domestic work for this involves rewires, fuse boards, electrics for roller shutters, electric window blinds, new installs, home cinemas, fire alarms, or a tailor-made solution specifically planned to suit your system of work and leisure.
Tech has never been more in demand. As today's home increasingly becomes the office of the future since Covid-19, and the line between office and home becomes more blurred. Business leaders are looking more and more to tech solutions equivalent to running a secure online business from their home or between home and office. This is a growth market and major opportunity in the new economic downturn.


SKCG Electrical has a cutting edge quality management system which ensures high quality standards.


We have a team of specialists capable of maximizing the result and delivering the projects.


The control mechanism allows secure & integrated monitoring of all stages of the works.

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Covid - UK government approved guidelines

SKCG work according to UK government approved guidelines, health and safety at work laws and legislation. If, for any reason, you have concerns about your electrical requirements falling outside of the UK statutory guidelines, please contact us immediately for a discreet consultation. We are always here to help you.